Evaluation of strategic planning documents, grant applications, projects; preparation of ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post evaluations


Development strategies and programmes shall be evaluated throughout their preparation process, and this practice is compulsory in case of EU-financed operative programmes. The monitoring of the green development and climate protecting performance of different planning documents, application processes, individual applications and projects, companies, settlements and regions is also a very important task. Our company took part in the ex-ante and mid-term evaluation of several operational programmes, and we elaborated a monitoring system for the follow-up of the implementation process of the National Energy Strategy of Hungary.

Our partners may choose from the following services:

   elaboration of environmental and sustainability indices at municipal-, regional-, sectoral- or company level,


  preparing the ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post evaluation of strategic plans (e.g. national programmes, regional development strategies, company plans and programmes, etc.),

  elaboration of monitoring systems for implementation of projects, evaluation of the performance of environmental, climate protection and green economy development.