Our mission

The mission of our Company is to provide support and professional knowledge for our Clients during the strategic planning process and in the realization of their tasks and objectives in environmental issues. The Env-in-Cent Environmental Consulting Ltd. (EiC) is specialized for the preparation of environmental assessments for the decision-making process, environmental documents and permissions, programmes and plans for both for the business sphere and for governmental and local municipality bodies. Our colleagues and experts have substantial and diverse experiences in the field of public administration and R+D, and we all believe in that the social and economic development, the increase of the competitiveness of enterprises may be realized in such way, when we are conscious about our environment and take care for our natural values and the human health. We believe that activities, which shall be taken for protecting the environment, may be planned and managed in such way, where the costs of these activities instead of generating losses, may produce savings or additional profit. We give a compass into our Clients’ hands, which helps them to recognize the possible solutions for the optimal financial options and the environment friendly development processes.

Our company has numerous references especially in the field of business and environmental management, researches on climate change and in elaborating strategic environmental assessments and waste-management plans. In our work, we apply the latest R+D results, which may be successfully implemented into business practices and in the activities of local governmental bodies. We have wide international relations; our projects are mostly carried out in team-work and by the help of co-partners and subcontractors. Please select your choice from the Services  menu and should any of our services raised your attention, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Company’s news are available in Hungarian language.