Scientific activities, R+D works

The Env-in-Cent Consulting Ltd. works as an R+D oriented small enterprise: nearly one-third of our revenue is originated from research projects and our profit is used for the development of the infrastructure of researches. Our R+D branch is operated as a non-profit organization, in the past few years we conducted several of our activities with public benefit. Our working method is to perform our tasks – i.e. supporting our clients’ decision-making process – based a strong analysing methodology in teamwork. We have a wide range of relations in the governmental and private research organizations and institutions. Our colleagues and subcontractors perform several scientific publications and took part actively in the Hungarian and international scientific communities.


In the past decade several scientific results were realized in the professional workshop of the Env-in-Cent Consulting Ltd., for example in the field of development of indicators, the evaluation of climatic vulnerability and the elaboration of the sustainability criteria related to the natural resources. Our company may offer the following activities, services and cooperation in the field of R+D:


  participation in Hungarian and international research consortia, particularly in the field of climate change, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) topics,


   research and analysis in the field of evaluation of environmental and sustainability performance and environmental communication,


   regional and sub-regional R+D activities, particularly in the field of environmental analysis.


If you are interested in these services and activities, please contact our Managing Director, Dr. Tamás Pálvölgyi.