Environmental Impact Assessment


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the formal process used to predict the environmental consequences of developments or investments with significant land use and environmental impacts or environmental hazards, prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action. Before applying for the building permit, an environmental permission shall be obtained, for which an environmental impact assessment (EIA) shall be conducted. In case of some activities, companies shall obtain the unified environmental permit, which shall be reviewed at specified intervals. The environmental authorities may order compulsory review at companies operated in the industrial sector. In most cases, the environmental impact assessment, the review process and the administrative tasks of the documentation exceeds the knowledge base of the companies involved.


Our company has extensive experiences in the elaboration of environmental impact assessments and the authorization process of different developments and investments; in addition, we have experiences in the administrative tasks in obtaining the unified environmental permits and conducting environmental reviews. We can offer the following services in this field:


  conducting the environmental impact assessment and preparation of the preliminary documentation,


  preparation of the authorization documents based on the data and information provided by the company about their relevant technological and economic data. The elaboration process of the authorization documents includes the data processing and evaluation and the preparation of the whole documentation material,



  elaboration of environmental chapters for the documentation needed for obtaining the building permit,


  managing and administration of the whole environmental authorization process.


If you are interested in these services and activities, please contact our Managing Director, Dr. Tamás Pálvölgyi.