Environmental management and administration services for companies


Compulsory environmental records and data provision


In the recent years, many environmental regulations have been formulated or have been amended, most of them include the obligation of keeping special environmental records and compulsory data providing process. The specifications of the data provision process are depending on the field of operation and the activities of the companies or organizations, the deadlines, the period and the content of data may vary, which generates significant additional tasks and extra work for the companies. Moreover, the lack of the records or exceeding the deadlines obliged by the legislation rules (for example the unified environmental permit i.e. Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) procedure), or mistakes in the set of the records may cause severe disadvantages for the company, such as redoing the report and tightening of conditions in the future procedures, or even serious financial impacts.


Assistance in environmental monitoring and data provision


Establishing and operating a well-based environmental administrative system may bring advantages for the companies. The administrative processes and methods or the databases that are being established, may be available later for the company, and can form a good base for environmental strategic planning issues or in case of introduction or audit of an environmental management system (such as ISO 14001). Establishing a well-working system of environmental records, which is in compliance with the regulations but does not increase the administrative burden of the companies, is a complex, multi-level process, therefore it should be built on the cooperation of the parties – i.e. the client companies and the enterprises that performs the administrative tasks.


What services can we offer?

  The elaboration of the company’s internal environmental records, and the preparation of its documentation process,


  The elaboration of the company’s compulsory environmental records (record sheets for air, water, waste etc.) and its submission towards the relevant authorities,


  Professional representation of the company in the course of the consultation process with the environmental authorities.


If you are interested in these services and activities, please contact our Managing Director, Dr. Tamás Pálvölgyi.